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The Generation of No Individuals

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the feeling, yet, at the same time I’m quite sure you have felt that motion in your soul when you know the world is falling apart around you and you have no idea what to do.
Do you save yourself or everyone around you?
Or do you save everyone around you by saving yourself?
That second option means you know what you’re doing to a certain extent…. or at least you have an idea of what you want or who you are. Sadly so many of us have no idea the what the answers to either of those are.
Only the ideas of what everyone else wants. I woke up and went straight to work. I didn’t think about what could possibly make me happy today. Only what would pull me away from everything. I’ve been crying since i woke up. That’s four hours of my mind numbing in the puddle of salt water that my eyes provided for me.
Today, i know where i’m going. and you would think that would be the greatest feeling on earth… no. Not at all. Because it only feels joyous throughout the whole process….. if you’re going in the wrong direction. To stand up for everything YOU believe in, you are in many ways going against what everyone else wants. By standing up you bring yourself to the point where you have to know that the closest people may turn their backs on you and tell you anything that will rip you apart. If they manage to rip you apart. You fall off of your trail and for a moment go onto their only so you can feel that moment of happiness and calm because it seems so simple. but on their path, it is no longer your rules or what you want. You have to go back ONCE AGAIN and find your trail in its own isolation no matter how much it hurts. Yet you want to ignore it (your own path) because you know that its not the easiest.
We have been raised in a society where we all look for the easiest way out by turning a blind eye.
By turning a blind eye, we blind ourselves to what/who we are. Opening our eyes only to what other people want. We want to say we aren’t followers. That we are our own individuals. Sadly in most cases, it is a lie. We want to help others only if it helps us. Or we’ll do something for the money and the power and the status it brings us. No one does anything simply to be an individual of morality. How many honestly turn away from the ideas of society and say “I want to save the world by saving myself”?
See, in the eyes of many, this is seen as selfish. No, it’s self-LESS.
When you don’t know yourself, you are incapable of doing ANYTHING. We are doing nothing. Only motions that push us forward every day in life. We are not living by following what other people (aka NOT YOU) want you to be.
How many people do you know are actually standing up for what they know is wrong? Who are no longer agreeing with motions simply because someone says so, or that they told you to do it? It is almost no one. As we find entertainment from violence and alcoholism and unplanned pregnancy blatantly portrayed as the role models on the television that so many people want us to be.

This is sadly, a generation of followers….

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