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Taken Off of Your Throne

Tell me what you would do if I were to suddenly break in two.

Would you simply feel relief gladly knowing it wasn’t you?

Or cry knowing you wouldn’t see me anymore?

Let me answer that question for you. If it doesn’t slow you down then you feel no reason to fret. Not even for a moment are you feeling some regret. It’s that selfishness that has seemed to have gotten you so far yet if you haven’t realized, you have always been in the wrong.

Someone tell me…. How does money and force bring power? Accomplishment through something that can change and slip through your fingers at any point? Power through the weakness of someone else? Happiness when you know others are suffering?

When you’re at the top, you tend to forget all of those you stepped on, and all of those you’ve forgotten who are forced to sit beneath you. Put into consideration that it can all change so fast, vice versa that you’ll never know the exact point where you see yourself as fallen. What you think as you believe you’re all powerful can be no where related to what society may think. On your thrown, you can be seen as one of the fallen. The glimmer in your eyes faded by the loss of morality and the destruction of your soul. That reflection in which we are supposed to perceive ourselves as you is distorted like used aluminum foil.

So with your money, and your power over others, your hand in the control of the country….

You. Have. Nothing.

Things which are not permanent will never give you power, only a temporary sense of self which can be ripped away from you at any moment. Money does not give you power. Only the illusion that you may fill the space in which compassion is missing. Power over people does not set you free. It only binds you to responsibility which you are too empty to understand. The fact that you escaped the moment in which so many broke to pieces, proves that you had no “self” to break. This makes you nothing.

Compassion and Selflessness gives you power.

Becoming a person in which you learn to fight for what you have and appreciate it is what sets you free.

You become something the moment you realize that you’re fragile and in no way above anyone else.

This makes you something.

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