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Everyone enjoys a little laughter here and there. Not in a mean teasing way. I mean that deep chuckle where people would probably stop and look at you funny; tears coming out of your eyes as you try to catch your breath and try not to piss yourself.

Now think about how often we actually let ourselves have that in the world we live in….

We constantly busy ourselves with all kinds of work and responsibilities, yet we never remember that as a human being, WE, ourselves, the smiles that we try our dearest to hold on to, is still a responsibility. We constantly tell others that we wonder “What it would be like to be a kid again….”

I truly doubt it is all the responsibilities you are trying to get rid of. Because I sit here, currently stuck with my foot in a cast for another five weeks, wishing I could go back to work. And I don’t even like that job! Then again… I like always being in motion.


It is that freedom to laugh and smile with an open mind that we began to lose over the years. Instead so many people focus on the “facts” of life and simply go with it because apparently we have all become robots on a mission to make the world a better technological place.


For the love of all that is humane (and slightly funny) come out of your little shells and laugh for a bit. Myself as well because apparently the hubby said I didn’t do it enough. He then followed that statement by ambushing me with a tickle attack in which I laughed to the point where I accidentally elbowed him in the face and then kneed him in the chest. Okay, for most people tickle fights aren’t that dangerous. But I’m pretty sure you are getting the gist of things. We had fun and that is what matters.

Here are a few cheap (free) ways to get a few chuckles in during the free time of your day:

  • Awkward conversation
    • I hope that you know “awkward” isn’t used in that –I was the band geek in high school who couldn’t hold a proper conversation with the opposite sex without needing to use my inhaler- way (That was me a few times). I mean those conversations in which you can openly make weird faces and within those awkward faces, you’ve had a total conversation and you’ve ended up wherever you are, laughing your ass off.
  • Tickle Fights
    • I’m not quite sure why these have gone out of style. I mean honestly, they are not as dangerous as I made it seem! I PROMISE!
      • WARNING: Do not attempt to try this with random people, it will most likely have the opposite effect with possibly a restraining order.
  • Movie in a homemade fort
    • Grab as many blankets and pillows as you can and find something with enough space under it for more than one person. That would most likely be one of your table sets. For me, it is my bed since I can put my entire dresser under that thing. Then, grab your laptop, or maybe even your entire television (do NOT grab a dino-tv and attempt to move it into your new hidey-hole) and begin watching your choice of whatever with your favorite snack and someone to joke with next to you.
  • Random dancing
    • If your favorite song comes on in the store, dance to it. And if you want (which it is highly recommended) drag someone in with you. No, you do not always need to know the person, but at least ask permission first if they haven’t started rooting you on first.

Okay, now look back up at a few of these….

Anything familiar? Something?

These are all things that most people did as a kid. Grown-ups can do it too. ITS OKAY! I’m telling you, I doubt people are going to tell you to check yourself into a mental ward. I obviously only listed a few. There are a gazillion and one ways to laugh. What’s yours?

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