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Too Independent For a Relationship….

There will always be people who want to be independent. Though I must say, as it is obvious, that not every independent person is going to go off and stomp their foot, cross their arms, and hold their breath in rebellion against a relationship.

Because like the human beings we are, everyone likes a little bit of company. We simply like having the CHOICE to relax by ourselves here and there.

There is one issue though, how do you keep your independence and still hold a relationship in which as a couple you are a singular unit rather than two people living under the same roof (or whatever stage of relationship you are in).

…. I am not going to lie and say that I know the answer to the question. I don’t. Or at least not an answer that will suit everyone.

But it is called compromise. A lot of compromise.

Have you ever just sat there in a relationship and said “I wish he/she would just ask for help once in a while rather than shutting me out”?

If you said no, you are that person pushing you’re significant other away because you want to be superman/superwoman. (Well that’s not nice at all now is it?!)

Asking for help with the little things, doing the dishes together, even proof reading something small. It feels nice.

I’m actually here to ask for help.
How do you let go of the constant independent motions of your day in a relationship?

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