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Parental Supervision…. Or Lack Thereof

That awkward moment when your absent parent wants to be buddy buddy with you. Its just that….


Now I’m not the type to go off and say I hate either of my parents. I am not the hating type. BUT, I will clearly point out when someone is being an ignorant douchebag.

*Looks into corner of screen to catch a notification from daddy dearest”*…..

(>._.)> You sir, must have lost your mind.

No, I shall not accept your tags, friend requests, or breaths to coo over your new child that you have already managed to leave before she hit preschool.

Now that I have gotten that out of my system, I really don’t have much against distance parenting. I mean seriously, some people just can’t stand living with each other but love their child(ren) to bits. They are still present in the child’s life without causing some form of future emotional damage from the constant impending doom of a divorce.

And then there are the runaways…. No, I don’t mean the kids. I mean those parents who runaway from responsibility or simply get bored of the idea of supporting their spawn for eighteen years. Once everything gets heavy, they are dipping faster than a government official caught in a sex scandal (and they deny everything pretty fast!) They aren’t there for any struggles. Or discoveries. Or any of the things to represent the things that their child is growing up.

Oddly enough there is one thing that puzzles me: When their child has done some great accomplishment, they are all over that ownership like white on rice!

“Yeah! that’s my kid! My genes! You see how great they are?! That’s all mine!”

Uh? No…. That was hard work and determination (probably) with the help of the family that they are close to. Not you calling once a year to make sure you don’t need anything from them.

SO please, do the world a favor, and don’t be that absent parent. Much less that absent parent who only comes to claim their child(ren)’s success.

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