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“Good Girls” Turned Cheaters

Okay, so obviously this is nothing new. People have been cheating since the beginning of freaking time. It was the simple matter of being even more discreet about it. But currently, I am simply confused and angered.

First of all, let me start with this…. Where did all the good girls go?  Not all of us have been scarred by some sucky ass-tastic partner, so what in the hell is going on? Relationships are obviously not for everyone. EVER! AT THE FUCK ALL! But to enter a relationship with only the intent to get laid, and then apparently not get laid enough for your own tastes and then begin to lay everyone, MAKES NO DAMN SENSE!

Yes, everyone has the right to their own sexual whatevers and what-nots. But let me put this out there for those who obviously don’t know: that is NOT what a relationship is for.

If you want sex; go get laid. But for the love of all that’s humane, don’t drag someone’s heart into it. There is honestly nothing wrong with having a friend (or more) with benefits. (Don’t worry, I’m saving the flaunting your assets like a whore vs being sexually emancipated for another damn day!) To say relationship on the other hand, is like entering a battlefield you are not trained for and you’re gonna go off killing people who aren’t even part of your ridiculous mess.

I’m not quite trying to stand up for the male gender. Because don’t get me wrong, both genders have a cheating track record for centuries, its simply whether or not who gets caught. But there are so many women I’ve met where they go off and say, “Oh, why the hell can’t I find a good man nowadays?” These are the same women who are walking around half nekkid (not “naked”, NEKKID [i.e. shorts where you can clearly see the end of what ass they have hanging out]) and have stories of sleeping with enough men WITHIN THE SAME GROUP to make a damn football team. Let me tell you where they went: You assisted in killing their personalities when you wanted sex because you equated sex with love and then looked for it in fifty-million places other than the home you had with them.

I mean come on! We are getting a bad name here! From waaaaay back when we were hitting puberty, we learned at least a small (no matter how minuscule it may be) insight on relationships. That if you weren’t happy, leave. It is no longer the idea of being “unhappy”. We are facing the concept of greed.

So for the ladies who say you can’t find a “good man” while you’re cheating on one because he “can’t satisfy you enough”, please, do the rest of the world a favor and just stop looking. I mean this from every side of the gender plate here. It’s like pollution on a small island, there really isn’t much to destroy before its all gone.

If you want to find a “good man” you have to be a good woman first. DAMN!

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