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Older Posts…

So here I am thinking:

And then I realize…. no one ever saw my older ones. Maybe they weren’t as interesting? Well they were and still are interesting to me!

That or maybe the topic has been used and abused like a bad meme. Anywho…. scroll down and look at a few. I’m not begging… But I am willing too. A sad bribe maybe?


Thank You!

I want to say thank you to everyone who is reading my blog! This is totally new to me! ^(*-*)^ YAAAAAY

Tomorrow I’ll be posting “I Think I Broke My Junk”
Personally, I find it funny….

Just a bit. Smile

New To Blogging (Kinda)

So i’m going to start actually using this to get my thoughts out a bit more often. Let’s see if this works. I’m hoping to do a post a day and not be too boring. Nor do I plan to sugar coat much. So I am not apologizing for any opposing views. I am not saying I have anything against an opposing view, I like them. I simply do not appreciate vulgar responses.

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