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Making it….

I can’t quit now.

As much as I want to quit…to fail…to walk away and stop looking back at all that has broken me….

I can’t.

I have a son that needs me. I probably need him just as much.

I kept saying that God was punishing me by making me a single mother. That because of everything I’ve done, I had to let go of friends. Of the man who I saw as the love of my life. Of the life that I was so used to.

….But I doubt I can say that anymore.




You can’t see her because her personality is camouflaged.
You don’t care how she’s scared of showing all her flaws
You just want to be up in between her legs
as she’s moans on top of your bed
but she can’t get into your head!
The thing is….. (more…)


Freshman Year Halloween Costume

Freshman Year Halloween Costume

So… Every year I hand make my costumes. Hopefully I can outdo my outfit made from a year’s worth of chemistry notes.

Older Posts…

So here I am thinking:

And then I realize…. no one ever saw my older ones. Maybe they weren’t as interesting? Well they were and still are interesting to me!

That or maybe the topic has been used and abused like a bad meme. Anywho…. scroll down and look at a few. I’m not begging… But I am willing too. A sad bribe maybe?

Thank You!

I want to say thank you to everyone who is reading my blog! This is totally new to me! ^(*-*)^ YAAAAAY

Tomorrow I’ll be posting “I Think I Broke My Junk”
Personally, I find it funny….

Just a bit. Smile

The Little Things We Miss In Long-Distance Relationships

I miss those passionate kisses….

Falling asleep with you wrapped around me….

And never having enough days in between the days I see you to ever forget any detail of your beautiful face.

So close and yet always so far

New To Blogging (Kinda)

So i’m going to start actually using this to get my thoughts out a bit more often. Let’s see if this works. I’m hoping to do a post a day and not be too boring. Nor do I plan to sugar coat much. So I am not apologizing for any opposing views. I am not saying I have anything against an opposing view, I like them. I simply do not appreciate vulgar responses.

Being A Princess

Deferred gratification… How long are you supposed to wait


I am 21 years old…. and I want to be a princess. That is my Christmas wish. And I’m not talking about those frilly cry all over the place princesses with the pointy hats who can’t tie their own shoes if they were asked. I am talking about a woman who is fully on her way to becoming someone who can responsibly and logically lead a country. A woman in which people acknowledge the power she exhumes with calm rather than just focusing on the fact that she is just a woman doing it. But do you know what many princesses are portrayed with? People who love her. And I don’t mean “people” as in the general public. I mean friends and family.

And of course…. a man who is completely and utterly in love with her.

I am not saying I want to become some lazy woman who simply wants to be barefoot and pregnant in my kitchen. I still have dreams. Aspirations. A plan to maybe join some form of law enforcement or (if I somehow lose my mind) go to law school.

But let me say I am not a robot. Some may act as such, but we are not meant to be robots. We are human beings. And as much as too many people don’t want to admit, we need to hear that someone cares about us. To do something stupid and make us smile for the little things in life before we become too panicked from the big messes we make every day.

So let me just say….I want to be a princess. I want to be spoiled and hear someone say they love me and mean it. Let it be shown through many moments. I want to know that even though I work hard for myself, I don’t HAVE to do it alone. I work too hard. Being a full time student and working three jobs is not a life. It feels like a sentence to me. I know it will eventually get better. But for a little bit, can I at least feel like a princess while I do all of this?

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