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Dear Little One


Hello little one…..

I know it’ll be some time before I meet you face to face, but I want you to know that I already love you.

I’m the one person who knows you so far, though quite a few know about you.

When they get the chance to meet you, I’m sure they’ll love you too. They just don’t know it yet.

I won’t lie and say I was quite ready for you yet. Nor did I plan to do this alone. You’re going to have a big family. We will be related through you.

I already know that you’re going to be as strong as, if not stronger, than me. I feel that reminder every morning when I wake up feeling that my body is no longer solely my own.

Your father made the mistake of not wanting to get to know you. He obviously isn’t the patient type because I know the moment you arrive on this earth you will be my brightest star and what leads me forward everyday. Some people are blind to the most influential moments in life…. and sometimes… that’s fine.

One mistake he did not make, though it was a surprise, was having me meet you. No matter how sick or swollen I am for the next 34 weeks of my life, you will always be worth it.

There are times I’m angry and hurt by the way the situation had become so different from what I dreamed of when I imagined building my own family, but I keep my head up for you. I think of you, and I smile all over again.

I get a glimpse of you this week. You’re more than a little dot to me. I can already imagine what you look like. How you’re giggles will affect me. How I will count your tiny fingers and toes every night to make sure you’re real.

Dear Little One,

I love you. And though excited, I will wait to see you. Because perfection can not be rushed. From now until forever, I will protect you with my body and soul to make sure you grow strong, healthy, and loved. You will never have to feel alone or unwanted. Because even now, you are already the most beautiful person I know.


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