Explaining Life, Relationships, And a Lack of Sanity


You can’t see her because her personality is camouflaged.
You don’t care how she’s scared of showing all her flaws
You just want to be up in between her legs
as she’s moans on top of your bed
but she can’t get into your head!
The thing is…..
You only see her in pieces
Look at her body and eat her up like a Reeses
Yet if you could see her eyes
And know how many times she’s cried
You’d know that everything you’re doing is a lie.
You’ll love her body but you’ll never touch her soul
You’ll never know how much one look can hold
You use your tongue to speak to her in ways where she’ll choose to mess around with you for just a few more days….
But you’ll never use words of truth to leave your mouth
Because you know that when you do everything will soar south
For once you’ll notice the downward curve of her mouth
Sadness seeping from every ounce
When you ask her to come back to the house.
Maybe you’ll see her as a woman Instead of a girl
Who’s laying up in your bed while you ask her to give you head
Maybe you’ll realize that she’s not your sex toy
…..And you’re only a boy…
Who should have appreciated her more….


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