Explaining Life, Relationships, And a Lack of Sanity

Moment of Passion

I want to be more than just a moment of passion

More than a wrinkle in your bedroom sheets

Hold a greater value than the used condom that is to be thrown away

….. Just like the next girl on your list.

Turn off the lights

You don’t want to see my heart emptying itself before your eyes

The way I’m so willing to smile at you when we make eye contact

You don’t want to see me.

Though my body to you is shaped like a goddess of sex

The person I am is simply not good enough.

To you, commitment is a curse word.

“Love” is not used as a word for endless emotion

But rather the lust that fills you when you find something worth your liking.

You and I

We have very different definitions for Love

Not just the word but its use.

Though we are at many times blinded by lust

The difference is that I can see who can be hurt by it.

For you, as long as you’re satisfied, no harm no foul

You chose the wrong girl

I say girl because Women learned not to fall for such a trap…

You chose the girl who looked like she had the strongest armor

Who didn’t need nor want a relationship

Who was as allergic to the concept of love as you were.

Instead you found the girl who, despite pushing it away,

Still believes in love

Believes that within every douchebag

Lies a gentleman who had gotten as hurt as she did

Who believes that love can bloom through a spontaneous kiss

You found me

I wish I could say it was by mistake

Oh… If dreams became wishes and wishes came true

I knew exactly who I was talking to

The guy every girl wanted to get her hands on

The one night stand that everyone needed to get out of her system

Just once

So tell me how just once became a nightly proposal

Where we hide sexual tension behind a few drinks and casual conversation

Where we say we’re just friends helping each other out

Where you believe your commitment with someone else

Holds no weight because there is no ring on your finger

Acting as an anchor to your fleeting needs.

So here we are again.

Turning off the lights so I am no longer an actual person

But a shadow that will fade before the sun rises

The woman you spoke to so casually moments ago

Disappearing under your sheets as you put on a blindfold of lust

No longer just a friend that you occasionally share drinks with

In the morning I return to just being your friend

Your mind deleting the actions of the night before

My lips no longer holding any value outside of telling you the time

My existence no longer valid to your daily existence

…. And I return to wishing to find something more than a moment of passion


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