Explaining Life, Relationships, And a Lack of Sanity

You Love (Affair)

You love….

Her hips

Her lips

Her thighs

Her breasts

The way the curves of her body fit perfectly in your hands.

The way she kisses you with passion but without intimacy

The way she moans your name in ecstasy when you stroke her in the right spot.

You love that she doesn’t save your number in her phone.

How she won’t give you any extra glances in public.

How she states she’s happy with the stolen moments you share in the bedroom

How she won’t ask you for anything outside the realm of carnal pleasures

How relationships “aren’t her thing”

How love “just isn’t what she’s looking for”

You don’t love….

What her kisses may actually mean

What she is giving when she opens her body to you

What it takes to make her smile other than stroking her breasts

How her eyes light up every time she learns something new

How she manages to be independent no matter how scared

How the words “I love you” are always heavy on her tongue

…. Weighing more simply because she’s not used to the weight of the words

…. The words heavy because she never felt the feather touch of its true meaning

You love….

So many parts of her

The ways she moves

The way her eyes glow when they look at you

…. You love everything but her….


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