Explaining Life, Relationships, And a Lack of Sanity

Loveless Society

I’m done with people. I am so done with people it is actually causing me physical pain and mental angst at the thought of dealing with anyone at this point.

I’m not one to follow the whole “religious/spiritual” thing with the whole no sex before marriage. Believe me, I thought about it, I tried for about 48 hours, and failed miserably the moment I became single. But in all honesty….. I’ve come to discover people only want sex. There is some uncontested primal need to simply get your pleasure out of sex and be done with it.

What happened to love and romance and the pursuit of a steamy and hopefully long-lasting relationship?

Do those not exist anymore?

I mean seriously….


With all of my “genius” thought (if only you could hear/see the sarcasm with that statement), I went to the internet to simply talk to people. You know, explore the social media.

Bad idea… so bad in fact that I ended up getting a full gallery of dick pictures that I sadly cannot bleach out of my memory.

Um…. I was just looking to find friends. People to hang out with. I had anonymously posted somewhere that I was that type of person who could be completely comfortable being full grown and JUST making out and cuddling.

I got cursed out from so many people that my head was spinning. I mean really, these people got creative with name calling and insisted that sex is a vital thing and to not give it up on command is a mortal sin. I’m not quite sure disgusted is even the word for it.

Anywho….. I’m going to come back to this tomorrow…. I just had to vent this part.

Just FYI: Between the ages of 19-26 apparently relationships are useless and meaningless frequent sex is the in thing.

Welp, I guess I’m so far out of the loop that I honestly didn’t know there was such a freakishly large loop to begin with.

I mean, it isn’t like I was looking for a relationship. I just got out of one and as everyone SHOULD know, normal human beings need time to become one with themselves again. I just wanted to hang out and what not.

But girls aren’t supposed to have guy friends unless they are banging them without any attachments or emotions (?)

This is why we can’t have nice things!

(To be continued…..)


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