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Love as the Enemy

Love will grab you at the most unwanted and inappropriate moment. It will hold you until you give in and you’re stuck with it as it has buried itself into an artery, trying to remove it will only harm yourself.

You accept it and soon become blind to the flaws and situations where you may begin to lose yourself and your aspirations. While society may see it clearly without you, you protect the hot mess you stand next to and claim it to be a misunderstood puzzle of beauty and diamonds.

While being blinded from reality you slowly begin to lose all that was yours. There is no time to grab it because by the time you have once again opened your eyes all you possibly have left is the ground you began with as all the blueprints you created over the years flow within the air above you. What you chase and catch, damaged by the exposure to the sun and all the elements. Including the tears that are now rushing freely down your face to wash away the rest of it.

Falling to your knees in a world you no longer belong in, you catch the glance of love staring at you from a distance where you can’t harm the physical version of the idea. You run towards it anyways. Desperate to regain what you believe was wrongly taken from you.

By the time you get there love has a smug smile on its face as if it has already won the battle and the war. Reaching into your chest it grabs the self that it left behind with you from when you first met.

The wish you had to relieve yourself of has been fulfilled while the only thing you can now feel is empty. It is not what you expected and you realize it is what you never wanted. Your heart bleeding from a battle wound you knew you could have never avoided.

Heart unusable and irreplaceable, you now have nothing.

What you worked for, lost in a fantasy.

The fantasy that held you from the harsh reality, now broken.

And the battle lost because you attempted to step backwards into your own ways rather than embrace a terrifying opportunity that you had control over the whole time.


Comments on: "Love as the Enemy" (3)

  1. I don’t pretend to know what you may be going through, but I know that this song really, really sang to my heart the prayer of healing that I needed. May it do the same for you. Restore Me by Anthony Evans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDIVDBqxk_s&feature=player_embedded

  2. ps: I’m reading back my comment and wondering why I wrote ‘really, really’ but I guess that’s the true feeling this song leaves you with. It’s very REAL. ❤ Be blessed.

  3. Treez AllDay Jonez said:

    sounds like a pre-breakup letter :O

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