Explaining Life, Relationships, And a Lack of Sanity

Once we have come to approach our teenage years, the title of being an “adult” is no longer based on age but maturity. I wouldn’t call this a rebellion, simply a voice of someone who is sick of hearing that I am too young to understand my own situations. Situations in which I am the human being who deals with the issue and attempts to face it in the most productive way possible.

Between the ages of 14 and 17, we do all that we possibly can to bend rules, rebel against our parents, and discover who we could possibly be in both the near and far future. With passing generations, yes, parents DO have a slight idea of what we as teens are going through. Yet you still have to focus on the fact that this is a new generation. Thus there are new issues, more possibilities, and social standards and ideas that are completely shifted. So how is it that our parents claim we have no idea of what’s going on?

First of all, let me clarify…..

I am not defending those who feel like having random places on their bodies pierced simply because all of their friends are doing it. Nor am I defending the teen  parents or the teens who think that whoever sleeps with the most people prior to graduation will be considered the “coolest”. I am speaking for those who try oh-so-hard to move their lives forward in the most positive way in order to become a better person in our adolescent sea of choices and confusion.

Once we hit college and move out, whether it be in a dorm or a personal apartment with some possible roommates, we are given both freedoms and responsibilities that may or may not be foreign to us. There are two things that are absolutely foreign to the majority of us that we gain once we leave our parents’ threshold: common sense and the freedom of speech. Sure, the law states that we are born with the freedom of speech in the United States. There is an invisible line of small print that we all unconsciously know which states that we do not have that right until we reach 18 and leave the public grade school. To our parents, we are not to speak back or disagree whether or not we know they are wrong. To our teachers, they express that we need to build our own opinions….. as long as it does not conflict with there own. Thus our freedom of speech is very limited.  Once we walk out, this freedom can sometimes be overwhelming. But in the case I speak of at the moment, Its an epiphany. Realizations that had been blinded from us and silenced in the background for years.  Though we are the products of our parents, our family, and our history, we are no longer “children”. So why be treated as one?

The addiction to power will make any parent convert back to the mindset of a child. With tantrums and screaming in mumbles to pretend that the issues and the evil monsters (their children) aren’t really existent with the creatures once again looking up to them as if they were God. This is no longer the reality and ignoring it is not an option.

We (teens) now have voices. We are told that we don’t understand what it is to work hard and struggle. To be appreciative of what we are given. This was thrown in my face as if I had no regards for everything that had ever been done for me. I asked my parent to face real issues that are bound to rip our family apart rather than finding the small things to blame me for. The issues continued to be ignored. Instead she turns the focus on to me and how I’m being ungrateful for her sending me to school. Those words never came out of my mouth nor to my mind. But due to the fact that I’m someone to blame and this issue could be considered much smaller and not to be blamed on who is considered the parent, this would be much easier to face. So who is the adult and who is the child?

I recently got a job in order so I can support myself. If I am taking care of myself financially, what are you going to throw into my face then? Will the real issue still be ignored in hopes that it will simply disappear? Or would you find another small issue to pick at? Remember, the power hungry, childlike behavior is a dangerous one. We live in a world were so many of our elders have the “Do as I say, Not as I do” rule. I hope you know this is the beginning of your own destruction. You expect us to be these wonderful people that you failed to show us an example of.

Your children are the products of your actions, not your words.

You expect us not to lie to you when you look directly at us and lie to the spitting image of yourself. You tell us to listen when every word we try to say to you will be thrown aside if it is not to your liking. We are not robots. We are a new generation that learns and evolves from every move you make.

Whether we become the same person or the complete opposite of our parent, we are influenced.  Every parent is the perfect influence. It can either be the parent who is an example of everything we never want to be, or the one who we hope to grow up and become.

So when it is the teen who says that we need to face the issues while the parent covers their ears, closing their eyes pretending all is well…..

Who is the child and who is the adult?


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